Handcrafted Carpets

Wall-to-Wall & Custom Installations for Residential, Commercial, & Marine.

Our carpets are measured on-site, and we provide options in Templating, Renderings, Serging, Wide Binding, Leather Binding, Vinyl Binding, Hand Carved, Hand Tufted, Tapestry Inlay, Fringe, Micro-Bevel, Custom Shaped.

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Examples of residential, commercial and marine wall-to-wall and broadloom carpet.

Custom Stair-Runners & Decorative Stair Rods

We provide on-site custom templating and installation for curved, rounded, & flaring staircases.

Whether it is a Runner or Wall-to-Wall on either marble or wood, we measure and provide Templating on-site, as well as options of Renderings, Serging, Wide Binding, Leather Binding, Vinyl Binding, and rugs that are Hand Carved, Hand Tufted, or have a Tapestry Inlay.

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Example of traditional and contemporary stair-runners and stair rods.

Ready-Made Area Rugs

We sell ready made area rugs from some of the most popular mills that are available in a wide variety of styles and come in standard sizes and colors.

Varieties of ready-made rugs include Traditional, Contemporary, Transitional, Tufted Wool, Shag, Hand-Knotted, Tibetans, and Sisal Indoor/Outdoor.

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Examples of various styles of ready-made area rugs in a variety of patterns and colors.

Hand-Made Custom Area Rugs

Our on-staff graphic artist is available for custom area rug drawings, renderings, & designs. In addition, our showroom is available for design consultations. We have a wide selection of materials of different colors & textures from the latest mill selections.

We provide Templating and Renderings for custom rugs, as well as the options of Serging, Hand Binding, Wide Binding, Leather Binding, Vinyl Binding, Hand Carved, Hand Tufted, Custom Shaped and Tapestry Inlay.

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Two examples of detailed custom area rugs with hand carving and custom binding.

How Handmade Area Rugs Are Made

Handmade custom area rug design for approval.
Design sent for approval.
Sample tile of the approved handmade custom area rug design.
Sample tile of the approved area rug design.
Finalized completed handmade custom area rug.
Finalized completed area rug.

Hard Surface Flooring

We aren't just limited to carpet! We have a variety of hard flooring options installed by our certified hard-surface installers.

We install Hardwood, Cork, Laminate, Engineered Wood, Sheet Goods, Bamboo, VCT, Rubber, and Vinyl Wood Planking (LVT).

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Examples of hardwood flooring and vinyl flooring that has the look and texture of wood.


As part of our installation services we take measurements on-site and provide templating & renderings to demonstrate what any completed rugs, carpet, or hard flooring will look like.

Serging, Wide Binding, Leather Binding, Vinyl Binding, Hand Carved, Hand Tufted, Tapestry Inlay, Fringe, Micro-Bevel, Custom Shaped.

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Installations of custom area rugs in customer homes.

Workroom Services

  • Manufacturing
    • Micro-Beveling
    • Hand Carving
    • Hand Tufted Assembly
    • Tapestry Inlay
    • Custom Shaping
    • Resizing
  • Finished Edging Options
    • Hand Serging
    • Machine Serging
    • Hand Binding
    • Machine Binding
    • Wide Binding
    • Leather Binding
    • Vinyl Binding
    • Fringe
  • Repairs
    • Blocking
  • Cleaning
    • Steam Cleaning

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Workers cleaning, preparing and completing rugs and carpet in our workroom.


We provide inspection services certified by the IICRC, meant to determine where responsibility for defects or damage of installed carpet or rugs lies.

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IICRC logo and certification badge.

Other Services

Customize your corporate workspace with company logos available for Inlays on Area & Entry Rugs.

If you have an idea of what you'd like designed, whether it be sketches or just a rough description, our graphic designers provide design services that can make these a reality for your next carpet or rug.

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Company logo on entry rug and designer editing pattern for CNC cutting machine.